History of Challenge Coins


Are you aware of challenge coins? Probably this is the first time that you have encountered such thing. Well you can read on to find out a little history of challenge coins.
Well coins have been used in the military for hundreds of years already. You can even trace its use during the Roman period. At this time it is said that if soldiers did well in a certain battle they received a day's worth of wages after that. And in addition to that they would also receive a special coin that is specially made. This is different from the coins they received as wages as these coins are minted. And these bonus coins had the marks of the legion that they were serving in. That is why the soldiers chose not to spend these coins and save them as mementos of their battles.
Another popular story about challenge coins dates back to the first world war. During this time it is said that a rich military officer handed out bronze medallions to his unit containing the insignia of their unit. Now one of them was captured by the Germans. The Germans took everything from this soldier except the pouch he was wearing that contained the bronze medallion.
When this soldier escaped to France he was labeled as a spy and thus judged to be worthy of being executed. However one of the French soldiers recognized the insignia on this soldier's medallion and so he was not executed and was returned instead to his unit. So his medallion saved his life. It was used for identification purposes. Actually nowadays there are still military units that use challenge coins as their way of identifying the units that they come from. Get more info here!
Today challenge coins at CustomChallengeCoins.net are also still used in the military to signify a great job done. Now it is not only in the military that it is used but in some businesses as well. Today usually challenge coins are given using a secret handshake. There are many who get it when they become part of the police or the fire department. There are also young people who get it when they become part of Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts.
Today challenge coins are something that form part of the collection of some people. They can show that they have allegiance to something or an organization that they were part of before. To gain more knowledge on the importance of challenge coins, visit https://www.encyclopedia.com/sports-and-everyday-life/fashion-and-clothing/clothing-jewelry-and-personal-adornment/medal